Word on the Street

Word on the Street

Penny M. Dallas, TX (Yelp Review)

"Good atmosphere. Good service. The Korean sliders were excellent. More meat than bun and the meat had an excellent flavor. Nice ending to a not so great experience at Boulevardier. Bartender pours a pretty good drink. We'll be back!"


Angelica N. Dallas, TX (Yelp Review)

"I dropped in earlier tonight with the bf to welcome this little place to the hood, and check out what they were all about. A friendly little gal named Kelly handed us the menus, and pointed out a nice comfy spot to sit, so we each ordered a glass of wine and took a seat.

The first thing I noticed was the ambiance. Dim lights, and lovely decor gave the place a cozy, yet stylish feel. I liked the colorful paint on the walls and the stencil work. The furniture was also pretty cool. I really loved the blue long couch we were sitting on...complete with pillows and everything!

We were curious to find out why they chose the name of the place, and one of the waiters informed us that back in the day before cell phones, when you wanted to place a call to this location in Bishop Arts, you'd call the operator, and ask for the name Whitehall, followed by a series of numbers. Their logo features an old-school telephone operator, which adds to the story. I thought it was a clever naming scheme, for sure!

The service was great...Kelly was very kind, as well as knowledgeable. I was having such a good time, that I left my gloves behind when we split! Luckily, when we called to inquire, she had found them, and saved them for me. I can dig that. Yep, I will be back...they do serve bar food there, and can't wait to give that a shot!"



Jennifer S. Dallas, TX (Yelp Review)

"Eclectic crowd, fun bartender, and the lavender haze martini was delicious!  This is a great bar to hang out, people watch and enjoy some tasty cocktails or wine."



Robert C. Dallas, TX (Yelp Review)

"Very cool spot I must say.  They have an indoor/outdoor bar area, you can sit outside and take in the scenery from the patrons on the street.  You can go inside and cozy up to the bar.  The bartenders are very nice and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get the beverage you are wanting.  The drinks are very strong, so beware.  I didn't have any food, so can't comment on that.  The atmosphere was great, they have TVs to watch the games.  

Go for the service and atmosphere, try the food too!!"

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